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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Archdiocese of Granada, Spain, publishes a book that teaches women to be “obedient and submissive”.

Even though the  Archdiocese' authority is embossed on this book, I would not take it as Christian theology. For millions of Christians, his word is the final word, and I do hope that Pope Francis will speak up, not to negate the Archdiocese, but to acknowledge that it is a cultural thing for the family members to trust each other and obey each other for harmony, as long as it is common good of the family without undue sacrifice from any one. However, I believe, that he will clarify that it is not the teachings of Catholicism.  Mike Ghouse

The Archdiocese of Granada, Spain, publishes a book that teaches women to be “obedient and submissive”.

The editorial “Nuevo Inicio” (New Beginning), presided over by the archdiocese of Granada, Spain, headed by the Archbishop Javier Martínez, has just published, in Spanish, the book titled “Cásate y Sé Sumisa” (Marry and be Obedient). http://www.nuevoinicio.es/libros/casate-y-se-sumisa/ (In Spanish)

Archbishop Javier Martinez
Archbishop Javier Martinez, above.

The book, “Cásate y Sé Sumisa”, by the Italian author, Constanza Miriano, has already sold 70,000 copies in Italy.  As of yet, it is too early to know how many books have been sold in Spain.  Miriano writes in her blog (in Italian, constanzamiriano.com) that “woman must get away from the logic of emancipation and embrace, with joy,  the role of hospitality and service”.  She also states that a relationship between two people should be based on power on one side and submission on the other.

Here again is a classic example of how the Catholic church does its best to keep women and humanity, by extension, in the dark ages. It uses all means available to try and keep roughly one half of its followers (women) subservient and enslaved to the whims and wishes of the other half (men).  The message here to Catholic men is: “We will allow you to subjugate your wives and will give you our blessing to do so.  This is the will of the Church and of God”.  Whenever an organization or a person empowers its followers to carry out their wishes, fanatics are created, augmenting the sense of grandeur that one is doing the right thing for the glory of God.  The flock that blindly goes where the shepherd wishes and does his bidding without question will: foment chauvinism, discriminate against women, take their rights away and if women don’t humbly accept this, then they will be subjected to some manner of violence, be it physical or psychological by making them feel guilty for not doing God’s will. And what’s so dangerous about all of this?  There are actually women who will go along wholeheartedly with this neanderthal way of thinking and raise their children to believe that this is the way.  This sounds like a mysogynist’s dream come true.

I think it’s ironically sad that a publishing house named “Nuevo Inicio” (New Beginning) actually edits this kind of rhetoric.  New Beginning?  I guess so ladies, read this book and you will be introduced to a really new beginning, one without rights or respect and, what can be expected from the head of the publishing house, the archbishop Javier Martinez, when he comes out with statements like “only through faith in God can unemployment be solved in Spain”. (Note: Spain is suffering from 20%-25% unemployment).  It’s the same old story, God sent a hurricane because there’s gay marriage, God sent a crazy person to kill kids in a school because religion was removed from the classrooms…so, God has caused unemployment because faith in God has declined (radically I’m happy to say) in Spain.

To top this off, this sado/masochistic manual is authored by a woman.  She is intent on having women lose their rights. Rights that they have won with blood, sweat and tears,  rights that have taken decades to get, rights that so many have died for.  Where is equality and respect that is the basis of any relationship?  What morality is this coming from the institution that professes to be the most moral of all?  The church and its narrow minded leaders remind me of the great dictators of the world, the Hitlers, Stalins, Maos, etc…who were so successful in causing their countries and societies to regress decades if not centuries, but at least the world knew that these men were evil and what their intentions were.  What we have here is a classic case of a wolf in sheep’s skin willing and wanting to tear down from the inside any advancement that humanity has made, while on the outside appearing to be the saviors and holders of the truth.

Source: http://religionhurtshumanity.com/2013/11/the-archdiocese-of-granada-spain-publishes-a-book-that-teaches-women-to-be-obedient-and-submissive/

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